The official census in Rhodes and Dodecanese islands

The official census in Rhodes and our islands. How many people live on each island and how much the population has increased.

Significant data is emerging from the population growth on the islands of the Dodecanese in 2021, according to the official census results by the Greek Statistical Service.

The island of Rhodes officially has 124,851 residents (64,526 men and 64,625 women) and the increase compared to the 2011 census is of 7.8%.

Similarly, an increase of 4.5% is shown in the Regional Unit of Kasos, 10.6% in the Regional Unit of Kos and 6.6% in the Regional Unit of Kalymnos.

It is worth noting, however, that of the 13 regions of the country, 12 experienced a decrease in population, while in one, the South Aegean, there was an increase. In the South Aegean from 309,000 residents now recorded 324,000 residents of Greece, according to the results of the “Population – Housing Census 2021”, the first digital census conducted by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) and which were released today and this increase is mainly due to the corresponding population increase of the islands of the Dodecanese.

See the tables below by regional unit in the Dodecanese (in Greek language):








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